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They can’t really expect you to be there every year, can they? And everyone loves muffins. Especially in baskets. Wait, they don’t live far away, do they? Because I don’t think muffins ship well. Did you get your dads soggy muffins

They can, and they will send the money to make sure it happens. They live kind of far, I’m not worried about the muffins. I ordered from a company located where they are, and do hand deliveries and song-a-grams.



You’ve certainly come to the right place. 


I came here to be closer to some family, actually. My daughter studies here.

Glad to hear it.

Does your daughter know you’re here? Or is it one of those situations where she doesn’t know you’re her mom, bu you wanted to get to know your daughter after all these years?


That’s not so bad, I suppose.


What’s brought you here instead of somewhere closer, if I may?

Inspiration. Small towns are the heart of every good horror story.

What brought you here?