[pm] Really? Okay.

[pm] A beautiful horse. Do you want to ride him?



[pm] You don’t? You said something along the lines that the kid needed to get possessed and an evil being being released then trying to kill people you love. Did something happen like that to you?

[pm] Oh, that was just the dramatized story of how I obtained Barnabas.



[pm] You can get someone to wet the bed by terrifying them. And why would I want to slap someone in the face? It’s funnier to make them pass out. Physically harming someone is assault. 

[pm] No— I meant you put a dollop of whipped cream on their hand while they’re sleeping, tickle their nose with a feather and they’ll reach up to scratch their nose, thus getting whipped cream on their face! I would never recommend anyone physically hurt anyone unless it was for self defense.

[pm] Oh. Uh. Wouldn’t it be funnier if they hear someone whispering ‘I’m watching you.’ and then start laughing maniacally? And when they wake up they might pee themselves! Or they fall out of bed! Or there’s actually a monster waiting for them when they wake up so they scream super loudly! That’s humor.